Like any young celebrity, the Bieber has made a lot of dumb moves. But unlike other young celebs, he’s had a special knack for finding the best opportunities for looking like an idiot. Here are some of his dumbest moments:

When Orlando Bloom Punched Him in the Face



There’s one thing that every dude knows not to do. And that’s hitting on another dude’s wife. Justin Bieber apparently had the hots for Orlando Bloom’s (now ex) wife, Miranda Kerr. Justin got a little too close to Miranda Kerr at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. They allegedly exchanged flirty texts and Justin later taunted Orlando right after Kerr and Bloom split. Well, Bieber met Bloom at a restaurant. He taunted Bloom, only for Bloom to (as you might guess) lose it and start swinging at Bieber. Ah, Justin Bieber. The male celebrity with the most punchable face. That’s what you get for messing with some other dude’s wife.