The word ‘rich’ is subjective when we’re talking about the type of household in which some gangsta rappers lived before they became famous. Rich doesn’t mean ‘Bill Gates wealth’ or even a millionaire in this context, it simply means that the 10 rappers on this list didn’t have to sell drugs or pull off heists to make a living. Some of the names on this list may surprise you, but rest assured that it’s a cliche to believe that just because someone makes hard-hitting, controversial rap, doesn’t mean that that person grew up in the hood.

1. O’Shea Jackson Jr


If the name O’Shea Jackson sounds familiar, it should, because it’s the real name of Ice-Cube, one of the baddest and most celebrated rappers of all time. His son O’Shea Jackson Jr raps as OMG, which stands for Oh My Goodness, and as you can probably guess, OMG didn’t grow up poor, thanks to the mega-success of his father who not only raps, but has a highly-successful acting career as well as his own production company. O’Shea Jackson Jr recently won acclaim for playing his father in the mega-hit “Straight Outta Compton.”