When musicians take the stage, magic happens between the band, the singers, and the fans. Although most musicians want that special magic to happen on every outing, it does not always have that awesome sparkle that makes it a memorable night. However, there are some nights that things are so special that they need to be recorded and watched over and over again to fully appreciate just how amazing the performance really was.

In early 2015, an ordinary Oscars awards show was in progress, and although most of the speeches are now forgettable, there was one moment that transformed the night from ordinary to breathtakingly extraordinary! Lady Gaga took the stage to honor The Sound of Music by singing a medley of the musical’s most famous tunes. This went beyond the normal medley when her amazing vocal stylings hit every note with perfection. The moment was made more spectacular by her amazing outfit and the reaction of the crowd. It was a powerful and moving moment for everyone watching whether in actual attendance at the ceremony or the spectator sitting at home with a bowl of potato chips in your lap. There was no denying that Lady Gaga’s talent has been hidden behind her costumes. The songs that she sings do not give her voice a proper work out, yet the Sound of Music medley put her voice through its paces, and she never wavered nor faltered at the challenging melodies. Her ability to sing with such power and emotion evoked emotion throughout the watching public. If you were one of the ones watching it live, you were definitely witnessing a historic moment.

Other historic moments have occurred in the music industry in years prior. One other such amazing concert was an Elvis Presley concert live from Hawaii. He was at his best and the moments were sheer magic while he was on stage. If you were not alive in 1973 to watch the concert, you can watch and listen because it was recorded for posterity and is proof that Elvis really is the King of Rock and Roll.

U2 and The Cure also had memorable moments live on stage that were epic. The Live Aid Concert in 1985 was another memorable moment that is showcased in this article as well.

Lady Gaga’s Tribute to the Sound of Music


The 2015 Oscars had a fabulous surprise for the crowd. Lady Gaga’s beautiful and breathtaking appearance is one of the greatest live performance ever. Her voice was spectacular. The Sound of Music spectacular tribute will be one of the most unforgettable moments in both music and award show history.

Lady Gaga’s medley of selections from The Sound of Music were fantastically performed at the 87th Academy Awards on February 22, 2015 at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Her performance was critically acclaimed by people watching across the nation. There is no doubt that Lady Gaga has an incredible talent that has been masked by her flashy costumes.