Sex tapes are just a part of being a celebrity. It’s how Kim Kardashian became famous after all. They can make (in her case) or break (in Hulk Hogan’s situation) a celebrity’s career. And in Hollywood, there may very well be dozens of tapes we’ll never know about. These rumored celebrity sex tapes would be the stuff of legends if uncovered:

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas, Jay Sean and Jojo at the House of BluesSOURCE

According to his ex girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler (with a name like that, you don’t really get around), there’s an illict tape of the two of them floating around. She’s threatened to sell the goods of her and Joe Jonas going at it for years…for the right price. But allegedly, Joe Jonas’ PR team managed to do some serious damage control and any talk of the tape has vanished for good…for now.