The Golden Globes may be over with but that means it’s the perfect time to sit back and examine what we loved about this year. It wasn’t the speeches though, although we give our respects to Leonardo. It was the outfits. Like most Golden Globes of years past, the ladies and men on the red carpet wore some pretty interesting stuff. By interesting we mean complete and total eyesores. Here’s are worst outfits of the Golden Globes:

Pinstripes Only Go So Far: Alicia Vikander


Alicia Vikander’s outfit works best in two ways. It’s either a historically accurate piece straight out of “Downton Abbey” (just add a smock and a fancy hat and you’re good to go) or it’s her Halloween costume, in which she goes as a clean set of plastic window blinds. Please, girl, pin stripes belong on the nappies, not your Golden Globe dress.