The Following Article is Satirical in Nature, Allegedly. 

10. Kanye West

Kanye West

No one, except maybe his “wife” Kim, believes that Kanye’s not gay. Yeezus constantly displays questionable behavior and spends entirely too much time obsessing over what his wife and daughter should be wearing. It’s like they are his personal life sized dolls/ mannequins. Again, totally questionable behavior for a straight man.

Maybe it’s his obsession with using his “wife” and daughter as his personal barbie dolls complete with cars and accessories. Maybe it’s because his style can only be described as Prince meets Fabio and Captain Jack Sparrow with a splash of ghetto couture. Or maybe it’s his constant bitch face or the fact that he refuses to be more conservative and not flash his “B” cups every chance he gets like the tramp he is. It’s just something about those murses (man purses) and how he can out diva both Kim and Mariah Carey on their best days that makes us question Kanye West. But we are happy Kanye found true love….. himself. Kim was the guest of honor at his wedding.

They got married in a dream wedding that Kanye was planning since he was a little girl. Kanye wouldn’t allow anyone to ruin his wedding with their input, not even his bride or the wedding planners. We love the way he always runs on stage to defend his sister Beyonce. Reminding us that girl code demands that girls must  always stick together. Who says Kim doesn’t have any talent? She sure knows how to act like she doesn’t see that Kanye and  Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci are not sleeping with each other.