cheating girlfriend

A good girl is only a good girl until she’s given an opportunity to be bad girl. True love is loving someone even after they’ve shared their love with random people at a day party.

Allan and Dana were were madly in love. The nine-teen year old sophomores were attending the University of Miami and thought they had life all figured out. They would graduate, get good jobs and eventually be married. They were soul mates. Well at least until they decided to go down to Cancun for this year’s spring break with a group of their friends. The group rented rooms at the Oasis Cancun in order to have access to the epic StudentCity day parties. From the moment they got to the hotel they could see the scene on the beach was total madness. Half naked completely drunk college kids littered the white sand beaches and turquoise waters.

They quickly dropped their bags and joined the festivities. The rest of the day is a drunken blur. But the next morning Allan was checking social media when a You Tube video that was trending online caught his attention. A girl that looked like Dana was naked as a jay bird was on the bar with another group of girls and guys dancing to Dj Snake’s “Turn Down For What” doing things that¬† she never did to or for him. But Allan couldn’t believe the love of his life could be capable of such behavior. He immediately called her and asked her about the video. She denied the accusations, told him she hated that song by Dj Snake and then accused him of cheating, seeing that when the group got separated that he never came looking for her or called her all night. Feeling guilty Allan dropped the issue and told Dana that she needs to be careful because she has a look alike in Cancun and he wouldn’t want anyone to confuse her for that amoral Jezebel seeing that the Jezebel had the same butterfly tattoo as Dana in the same exact spot on her shoulder. Dana and Allan are till together and madly in love.