The Kardashians have a long legacy of earning money for having no talent, and accomplishing nothing of significance. But perhaps more troubling is the growing list of men that the women in this family have dated or married, who have ended up paying the price for their relationship with these publicity vultures. So any men out there reading this should consider it a warning list:  abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

1. Kris Humphries


It’s not as if Humphries could have thought that marrying Kim Kardashian was anything other than a publicity stunt. But perhaps he really did catch feelings for her, because he seemed genuinely hurt when their marriage ended at the 90-day mark. In fact, Humphries was so hurt that he sued Kim Kardashian for fraud, saying that she seduced him into believing that she had true feelings for him, when in reality (get it?) all she wanted was to earn money from E! for allowing the network to film her lavish wedding. Humphries could also claim that his status as a serious NBA player was damaged by the derision and laughter his ‘sham’ wedding caused among his teammates and other players in general.