3. Scott Disick


Disick isn’t exactly the poster boy for mature behavior, but you can’t tell me that being fodder for his partner hasn’t accelerated his drug use, drinking and general unpleasantness. Disick’s partner Kourtney always takes him back after he misbehaves or cheats or acts like a cad on a soap opera, so it’s hard to feel sorry for her, and even harder to understand why Disick would constantly allow himself to be emasculated by not just Kourtney, but also momager Kris Jenner.

Disick is one of those ‘bros’ who think he’s better looking and smarter than he really is, and he probably hasn’t actually sat down and watched episodes of  “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” or he would refuse to ever appear on the show, which has made him not just disliked, but a verb, as in when your male friend is disrespected by his woman and you say, ‘You just got Disicked.’ As of this writing, Disick has entered rehab and is no longer with Kourtney. Maybe he has a chance to become a decent human being.