With so many celebrities coming out these past few years, being gay is more accepted than it has ever been in the past. Think Clay Aiken. Ricky Martin. Chely Wright. While many fans just assumed that these famous gay people were born to straight moms and dads that is not always the case. There are plenty of gay actresses, musicians, and actors who have been raised by gay mothers or fathers. Check out these cool celebrities with gay parents.

Jodie Foster


I bet you didn’t see this gay parent-child pair coming. Actress Jodie Foster came out in a Golden Globes acceptance speech in 2013, the news not much of a shocker. What is somewhat surprising is that Foster’s mother, Evelyn Foster, is a lesbian. Raised by two LGBT women, Foster was also raised by Evelyn’s girlfriend. While it seems odd that Foster would wait so long to come out when she had two gay caregivers, there may be a reason for it. Jodie referred to her biological mother’s girlfriend as her aunt while growing up. Not being open about who Evelyn’s girlfriend really was could have made Foster more secretive. It sort of makes sense. Some fans would have jumped on the discrimination band wagon and yelled that Foster’s mothers made her gay, like being gay is some type of choice. However, deciding to be gay if not like picking a letter and number when ordering a candy bar out of a vending machine. A person is either gay or they’re not. End of story.