By now the Kardashian fame train has been running for nearly a decade, and though there have been some detours, a derailment has yet to occur. And yet even as the Kardashians continue to milk money out of everything from club appearances to selfie books, there’s something desperate and corrupting about them as adults. But it wasn’t always this way, was it? Like most normal human beings, the Kardashians were once young and innocent and destined for better things than selling their souls. So in honor of that halcyon past, here are some pics of the family members when they were likable.

Kim Kardashian


There’s very little in this normal baby picture to suggest that this baby girl will grow up to become one of the world’s most self-obsessed women. In fact if you were told to guess the identity of this celeb, you probably wouldn’t have said it was a Kardashian. Truth be told this is a pretty ordinary-looking baby with chubby cheeks a button nose and not much else that would stand out. But it’s refreshing to look at a picture of Kim Kardashian in her natural state, because the current iteration has had so much work done on her face that she’s beginning to resemble a wax figure.