Pop Stars are musically talented and smart business people. They have made wise investments in their own talents as well as in diversified business interests. You might be surprised to learn that one of the richest pop stars owns a stake in Facebook! The social media millionaire is the face of one of the bands that has been around since the ‘80s.

The undisputed queen of reinvention is Madonna. She has marketed herself and her talents well over the years. She remains a top ticket seller and is one of America’s finest businesswomen. She continues to wow her fans and rake in the cash!

Dr Dre is no ordinary profane rapper. He is one of the wealthiest in America. He had a niche business that he sold to Apple for a handsome fee. He is rolling in dough along with Paul McCartney and Sean Combs. These stars are among the wealthiest in the music industry. If you are looking for the key to wealth, we recommend betting on yourself and your talents, and then play it smart and put your fingers in a number of pies. Diversification is a smart business strategy that these wealthiest stars all have in common.




Madonna is one of the richest pop stars of all time. She has a net worth of about $700 million. She was born in Michigan. She continues to reinvent her musical style to be embraced by the masses. She first entered the music scene in 1983 with her debut album. Since then, she has sold over 300 million albums. She holds the world record for the top selling female artist.

Although Madonna is not the top selling artist in recent years, she is still a perennial favorite on the tour schedule. Her concerts are sell outs and set record breaking attendance records wherever she goes. She is a very smart businesswoman. She has diversified like any good business does. She owns several businesses, real esate, and directs films. She is also an owner of contemporary art.