Musicians who are successful and have their star rising with their recordings often turn to Hollywood to boost their careers even further. Elvis Presley was a master at this. He starred in numerous films, but his popularity stemmed from his music and his stellar good looks. Madonna is a student of the music culture, and she used her fame as a Rock Star to transfer to Hollywood as well. She has been a very busy actress over the years. Rap Stars could not be left out of this equation for success either. Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and LL Cool J all made the successful switch from music to the big screen. LL Cool J has landed a part in a successful long running television drama, and he plays the part very well. Snoop Dogg often portrays himself, and you know he can’t do that wrong. And, he has used his vocal talents while portraying animated characters. There are numerous other musicians who have taken the plunge into Hollywood and have been found lacking. Some are just not suited for anything but singing or playing an instrument, but it is a formula for major success that they all think they must try at some point in their careers.



Madonna became a prolific actress after conquering and dominating the music world. She won a Best Actress Golden Globe for her role in “Evita” released during 1996. Our favorite of her films is “A League of Their Own”. It was a stellar performance by an all star cast.  “Shanghai Surprise” and “Body of Evidence” are two other noteworthy films in which Madonna has stretched her acting muscles. She performed in approximately one movie per year from 1985 until 2006.

Madonna is an entertainer whose work knows no bounds. She has reinvented herself in numerous ways over the years. From being a very smart and shrewd businesswoman to becoming an actress and touring to promote her music, she has made her mark and her millions. The Michigan native made a name for herself with her video productions for MTV. She has earned 20 MTV Video Music Awards during her career.