Stars can take life too seriously because they are focused on their careers and looking forward to the next big project or the next concert on the tour. It takes some silliness to break the monotony and keep the creative spark flowing.

These stars have it all together when they have to be serious, but life is too short for being serious all of the time. They go out and hang with their friends on the red carpet and at events, but it is still a part of the celebrity’s job. When they go out without the cameras following them around, they typically turn the cameras on themselves. You just never know what kind of photo you will find floating around on social media. The stars can’t blame the silliness on the paparazzi when they are sending it from their own social media accounts.

If you wonder what a Cher selfie would’ve looked like back in the day, we found one that definitely could have made the rounds from Instagram or Twitter. Fortunately, somebody else took the photo back then and saved the negatives so that it could come back to haunt Cher decades later! The young stars don’t have to worry about a photo getting lost. It’s all over the web, and it will be there for decades to come, unless one of the silly photos somehow breaks the internet!

We found a Nicki Minaj selfie that shows off her silly side. She is one of the fastest rising stars in the business, and even she takes a time out for some fun with a buddy. If you are on the fast track in your own career, take a lesson from the rising pop stars showcased here. There is plenty of time to work and take care of business, but you only live once so make the most of each day that is handed to you. Just don’t get violent like Gucci Mane or get arrested like Beth Ditto. Remember not to drink and drive or you just might end up like Todd Harrell, in trouble for vehicular homicide. Fun should never cross someone else’s boundaries.