Diving off of a stage into a crowd can be thrilling, and if it is done correctly, crowd surfing is fun for everyone involved. But, there are those moments that the thrill turns into instant pain, and then, the thrill can turn deadly. If you are thinking of stage diving, the last place you should attempt it is at Webster Hall. A fan took the plunge headfirst and wound up being transported to the hospital where he later died. Busta Rhymes wound up with a gash on the head there as well. Webster Hall needs a warning label.


Stage diving accidents are common at rock concerts. The band members frequently take a leap off the stage into the arms of their fan faithful. Many times the rock stars are caught by several people, and the star crowd surfs across the wave of people. Unfortunately for the rock stars, the people do not want to catch them, and when they see them headed their way, they back up or scoot over out of the path of the landing star. If only one or two people are left standing in the spot, they are taken down in a heap by the weight and momentum of the star. Occasionally women are injured because they are in the way when the star decides to get up close and personal with the crowd. One woman was injured by the frontman of the band Fishbone. She took him to court over it, and according to the judge, repeatedly injuring fans when stage diving is a costly mistake.