It is a good thing that most music is heard with the ears and not seen with the eyes or these guys surely wouldn’t have made a fortune. They are definitely unique in their own ugly ways. If you think there aren’t any ugly guys in Hip Hop, you haven’t seen the guys who made our list.

Rappers try to be tough and exhibit thug behavior. One of the rappers on our list, Gucci Mane, has been charged with murder. The charges were eventually dropped because it was ruled that he killed in self- defense while he was serving a jail sentence for assault, but he has the lengthy rap sheet proving that he chooses not to stay on the right side of the law even when he is serving time via probation or parole. He has been charged and convicted on assault and battery charges, and this puts him at the top of our ugly list. Sometimes ugly behavior is worse than an ugly appearance. And in his case, his actions are among the ugliest that we found at first glance. There are others who have similar rap sheets, but this was an ugly article, not a who’s who list of the celebrity criminals who entertain us. Of course, he would make both lists!

If you want to see ugly, be sure to check out photos of Lil Jon. His style is just plain ugly. Snoop Lion’s own parents gave him the nickname Snoopy when he was a child; we wonder if it was his appearance or his actions that caused them to tag him with the nickname. We choose to think positive and believe he was just a tot who was into everything because all kids are cute, right? Unfortunately, he outgrew his good looks, and what is he thinking with that scruff on his face? He might actually look more handsome if he would shave!

The old adage, the clothes make the man is apt for this list as well. Flavor Flav was known to be sporting some really ugly duds. We give him props for liking to wear every color of the rainbow, but there is such a thing as an outfit that is just a little too much. His clothing choices were just downright ugly, and it sent him soaring onto our list.